Artist Merchants® is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of premium merchandise for artists and select brands.

We offer an ensemble of services, primarily in back-end support, so our clients are free to focus on creativity and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

— Designs

It all starts with artwork. Including your designs in an inquiry accelerates the process. Don’t have designs yet? We can help. Send us reference images and we’ll pair you with likeminded designers who can help bring your products to life.

— Quantity

How many units do you want to make? Larger orders typically have lower costs per unit, but don’t worry, we can work with most small quantities too.

— Production timeline

When do you need your products delivered by? Your production deadline will help us ensure the delivery of your final product with time to spare.

Pricing is determined by quantity, level of customization, delivery date, and budget. Let us know how many units you want, how unique your product is, when you need it by, and what you can afford. We’ll take it from there.

From materials to manufacturing, we’re here to meet all your sustainability needs.

We’ve yet to make a car, but we have made an electric scooter. Close enough, right?

Artist Merchants®